Ron Atkins  

An obscure and underground film-maker that makes extremely twisted trash with very disturbed characters that often go on a killing rampage. This he calls cinematic social commentary. Reviewed until 2016.


Cuckoo Clocks of Hell, The  
This is one of the the most monotonously obnoxious and therefore dull movies ever made. As if it had some kind of inspiration from Heat, it pits together two insane serial killers: Russo from Schizophreniac and Hawkins (Van Bebber) from Last House on Dead End Street and just has them roam the urban wasteland feeding off each other's insanity, killing and/or raping anyone they meet. It also throws in an appearance from 'Gacy' and shows Russo's upbringing by an insanely violent and racist father and an incestuous-rapist mother. Most of the time is taken up by random rants and hallucinations, that is, when they aren't entertaining themselves with random abuse, violence, rape, incest, necrophilia and coprophilia (or all at once). They talk to imaginary people and creatures, such as a green witch and other characters from Oz, or to a clown with instructions, a filthy gay Aussie addicted to gay porn mags, a filthy-mouthed Jesus, and a 'Nigger of Cause'. If the characters even remotely resembled reality then it may have been at least categorized as disturbing, but this obnoxious mugging for the camera trying to shock the audience in desperate ways is just idiotic and gets tiresome after one minute, never mind 100.

Dark Night of the Soul  
A group of pot-smoking youngsters visit a graveyard after dark rumored to host an underground cult. They are brutally grabbed and forced to undergo merciless pretentious and nonsensical occultist speeches about being free, being yourself, finding the path, and being free of pre-programmed religion, etc. forced to take opium and submit to sex, until it all stops making minimal sense and deteriorates to sodomy, several strange rituals, and one brainwashed chick who kills a man with harsh words. The costumes are insane, featuring a rasta-ghoul, Egyptian sphinxes, zombies, an all-knowing talking skull, and other random creatures. Drug-induced trashy boring horror with a only a parade of boobs to help the boredom.

Death Rattle LSD  
Atkins repeats himself again with yet another movie that follows the antics of a demented killer. This one decides to rape and kill only because he gets fired (huh?), and his idea, which has been used already in many movies, is to make a real snuff film except people will think it isn't. The protagonist is actually a good actor this time, except the 'script' doesn't give him anything interesting to do. Atkins comes up with a series of cheap, badly made hallucinations and dreams for him to react to based on drugs that he takes, and throws in random extreme scenes for 'shock value' even though it never fits in with his character. There are things like cannibalism, crucifix-rape and necrophilia, an anti-semitic rant, and hallucinations of badly made-up zombies, and dreams within dreams until he doesn't know what reality is anymore. What there isn't in this movie, is a real character we can sink our teeth into, or a story. There is only one idea of worth here: A 'Church of Sinners' that allows people to murder and go to heaven as long as they pay a tithe. And even that idea isn't developed. Another waste of time.

Eat the Rich - The Cannibal Murders  
Another take on Texas Chainsaw with a demented and sick family of mutants, psychopaths and perverts. It starts as sick, cheap, gory trash, with a Clint Eastwood wannabee, a man who wears gas masks and likes to disembowel people, and a mentally challenged psycho who had his face ironed by his Mom too often. The FBI are after the cannibalistic murderers and kidnappers. This soon deteriorates to lots of dumb dialog that is supposed to be funny, a bizarre satanic pregnancy and birth and some zombies that come out of nowhere. The social commentary is served by hanging American flags and pictures of Kennedy on the wall. A waste of time.

Eyes of the Chameleon  
Grindhouse slasher movie that borders on the conventional psychological horror movie for Ron Atkins, but has enough touches of dementia to qualify as an Atkins movie. There's an older man throwing extremely abusive language at a young boy, a killer slashing hookers and various people involved in the life of a confused and apathetic character called Sara, a bizarre fortune-teller episode, a gratuitous goth-lesbian party and genital-piercing, plenty of drugs, and some psychological breakdowns. It doesn't really add up, however, and the movie suffers from weak acting, unnatural dialogue, very bad pacing and a chaotic script.

Mutilation Mile  
Atkins hasn't changed much since Schizophreniac it seems. Sure, the acting and cinematography is much better, but this is still just a plotless rampage of filth and gory violence. Two wild, foul-mouthed, violent brothers go berzerk when their uncle is killed, and start murdering indiscriminately everyone in the area who may have any remote chance of knowing what happened, including pimps, whores, and drug addicts. This is like watching an August Underground movie, except the gore is less extreme. Female victims get a much more vicious treatment than males for some reason, with nasty graphic torture on sensitive body parts with razors and knives, and then some gratuitous sodomy of an older woman and an encounter with a local necrophiliac are thrown in for good measure. This is just 80 minutes of endless yelling, random violence, nasty torture, manic coked-up behaviour, never-ending filth, etc. I got bored after 5 minutes. Just because it's based on a true story, that doesn't mean it's interesting.

Schizophreniac - The Whore Mangler  
An extremely low budget and rare release that follows an energetic but bad actor around who dresses in women's clothes, takes lots of drugs, takes orders from a doll, has hallucinations, kills people at random for the slightest annoyance, and murders whores then rapes them. A downward spiral into depravity and the cheapest gore effects you're ever likely to see.

Schizophreniac 2: Necromaniac  
Evidently, the director and actor of the previous outing enjoyed themselves so much romping around in women's clothing, ranting filthily, and pretending to rape or murder everyone in sight, they came back for an even more extreme sequel. Harry the schizo is hyper-manic, endlessly cursing and ranting about rape, murder, his mother (who raped him with a bottle), Jesus, drugs, whores, etc. while prancing around naked or in makeup and women's clothing with obscenities written on his body. He takes drugs, kills everyone he meets, rapes girl's corpses in places you don't wanna know about, chops up or drills into his victims, and rubs his feces on strangers. These film-makers seem to enjoy this way too much. This is worse than vile, it's extremely annoying.

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