Jim Van Bebber  

An underground film-maker of the violent and gritty kind that usually deals with straight-forward themes of drugs and gory violence. Also involved with extreme music bands. Reviewed until 2016.

Of Some Interest

Deadbeat at Dawn  
Van Bebber's student film and pet project about gang wars. A gang leader is persuaded to leave the violent gang life by his mystically-inclined girlfriend but when she is brutally murdered, he seeks violent revenge. The film unevenly mixes violence, gore, drama, seriousness and humor, but the last gory third of the movie rivals Sam Peckinpah at his raw, violent best.

Necrophagia: Through Eyes of the Dead  
A handful of extreme video clips for the death metal band Necrophagia featuring extreme gore, some footage from Roadkill and Fulci's The Beyond, cannibalism, torture, camp, lesbians, Satanic rituals, etc. Delivers on the promising shock value and caters to fans of this grinding, guttural but unexceptional death metal band (with Phil Anselmo). The band talk briefly about horror movies and other random subjects between the clips.


Manson Family, The  
A re-enactment and sometimes pseudo-documentary of the Charles Manson story from the point of view of the Family. Filmed in a gritty, raw style with disjointed editing and all kinds of 'artistic' effects which all add up to an acid-trip of a movie. Features amateur actors babbling drug-induced pseudo philosophy and having lots of sex, worshipping Charles as he takes them through the stages of free-love, paranoia and murder sprees. There is no insight into character and motive however, the actor who does Charles has no charisma or strength of character to make anyone believe he is a leader into insanity, and the acid-tripping gets boring fast.

My Sweet Satan  
Short movie about a lame Satanist metal-head who deals drugs, gets his money stolen by a friend, and brutally kills the thief in a gory, stabbing and head-crushing tribute to Satan.

Roadkill: The Last Days of John Martin  
Gritty splatter short about a Gein-like psychotic that collects body parts and roadkill and eats them. One day he picks up two hitchhikers and dismembers then eats them.

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