Walerian Borowczyk  

Polish film-maker that started with surreal short animations, then moved to art-house, deviant smut in historical settings. At first he was lauded by critics for his unique visions, but was gradually accused of making nothing but wicked, soft-core pornography for high-brows. Recurrent themes include a fascination with unbridled passions and lusts, the deterioration of society and people in certain situations, loud organ music, and bestiality. Most famous for his notorious 'The Beast'. Died in 2006.

Of Some Interest

Beast, The (La BÍte)  
Outrageous movie about the bestial urges in man, symbolized using hardcore bestiality porn. A high-class arranged marriage is about to take place in a French mansion, but underlying the etiquette broods crude manners, unbridled lusts for house slaves, horses in heat, and a lady's fantasy to be taken roughly by a huge hairy beast with a monster penis. Shockingly explicit, yet still in the art-house genre with a wicked talent for the obscene.

Dr. Jekyll and His Women  
Borowczyk's take on Stevenson's story explores wild and nihilistic passions, violence, vandalism and lust. Dr. Jekyll is having an engagement party but frequent bursts of violence disrupt the gathering, both the general's daughter and his fiance exhibiting wild lust for the animalistic man who keeps committing these violent acts and who has a monster penis. Not as over-the-top as The Beast, but more of an atmospheric and wild horror movie.

Goto, Island of Love  
An absurd, somewhat surreal social satire by Borowczyk, who previously made animations and after this went on to make artsy, high-brow smut. Goto is an isolated island ruled by a whimsical tyrant where everyone has names beginning with G, only Goto history is taught in schools, technology and society are stuck in the past, female royalty passes the time in a local brothel as prostitutes, and everything is meaninglessly ritualized. Crimes are always punishable by death, but first criminals must fight each other, one of these unfortunates getting the sympathy of the Queen so he soon finds himself in charge of fly-catching and boot-polishing... but he has other devious plans.

Mr. and Mrs. Kabal's Theatre  
Borowczyk's last animation is a full-length exercise in creative, surreal and weird lo-fi drawings that revolves around Mr and Mrs Kabal. The robot Mrs. Kabal is created by the animator after much fussing over the type of head she will wear and her role as an actress. They then proceed to do random strange things like go to beach, play with and kill butterflies, walk through a changing room where she loses her breasts and her hair blows away in the wind to become a bush, and random objects keep flying through the air and landing on them. Another scene shows some surgery on Mrs Kabal via tools coming down from the ceiling, after which she promptly swells up and Mr Kabal climbs inside her into a room. Also, some live action is spliced into the film including sexy girls who Mr Kabal keeps staring at through binoculars. It's like cartoon slapstick by a very stoned person and a sprinkle of Terry Gilliam.

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