Joe Christ  

Trashy, shock-monger shooting short movies with zero budgets and horrible acting, the shaky camera following him and his friends as they ramble on and do disgusting things. The subjects cover speed-freaks committing various acts of violence, murder and rape, the abuse and rape of a crippled woman, snuff, blood-drinking, people mutilating themselves and others. The result is worthless crap that makes you feel you're living with extreme trailer trash rather than watching any kind of Kern-esque 'transgressive cinema'. Dead in 2009.


Sex, Blood and Mutilation  
A standout short by Christ. A bunch of freaks who enjoy mutilating, cutting and torturing their bodies are displayed one after another while Christ gives a tongue-in-cheek narration about the art involved. Genesis P-Orridge shows off his dozens of penis piercings and feature-rich penis attachments, another is cut, another is pierced in a dozen places, and one man displays his genitals and talks about how his sex life has improved after he chose to have his penis chopped off. For strong stomachs only.

That's Just Wrong!  
At 68 minutes this is practically a full-length for Christ, telling the trashy, boring tale of a trashy man stalking a trashy fat girl while hanging out in an even trashier bar. The pet dog provides critical commentary as they do various disgusting things usually involving coprophilia or other forms of toilet humor. When Christ finally invades her life, she accepts him and they have foot sex while being interrupted by a foul-mouthed door-to-door preacher. Features a punk and metal soundtrack, with most of the songs written by Christ himself.

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