Brian Clement  

A new director of low-budget gore movies. Reviewed until 2016.

Of Some Interest

Three wildly different segments of this movie follow an object of power with the ability to raise the dead. The first surprisingly good segment is set in Feudal Japan where a samurai and monk meet in the Forest of Death to battle the undead and each other's corrupt ambition for power. The second is filmed in film-noir style and suffers from horrible acting. It follows a detective around while she uncovers darker and darker secrets behind some grave robbings. The third is mayhem, with vampires battling werewolves in a post-apocalyptic future featuring a violent military, insane scientists and some time-travel. A touch of splatter, some entertainment, and a mixed bag of a film.


Binge & Purge  
I can see it now. Using their connections at a butcher shop, these movie-makers got their hands on a bucket of pig guts and decided to write a whole movie around it. The local neighbourhood girls served as models and their friends as actors. The story, which makes no sense and goes nowhere, has cannibalism spreading throughout a fascist America where all that 'human rights crap' as been discarded. Female models maintain their figure by killing and eating people to the bone, and others vomit acid on their victims before sucking their eyeballs out. Cops and x-cops are on their trail but cannibalism seems to be taking over everything. Boring endless splatter.

Meat Market  
Zombies walk the earth....again. The former employees of a medical company who caused this mess team up with some lesbian vampires (eh?) and a Mexican wrestler to fight the plague and try to look cool and mean while saving people's lives and chopping up the dead. Camp, cheap nudity and gore are the ingredients here and it would have been fun if not for the unsympathetic actors, weak comedy and some strangely bad scenes where, for example, a couple are having sex and a SWAT team blows up a zombie in the next apartment with a grenade and the next thing we see is the couple getting covered with a bucketful of chunky liquid.

Meat Market 2  
I'm really trying to enjoy these movies for what they are but when lesbian vampires think they're cool just by appearing on film and most of the actors don't at least let go and have fun with it, the only thing left is low-budget weak camp and some splatter. This time, the zombie warriors get caught in a compound run by an insane motivational speaker and his fanatics. Experiments are conducted by a psychotic doctor, their source of food turns out to be disturbing, and an orderly has a perverted fetish for body parts. When the zombies get out of hand, lots of splatter ensues.

Meat Market 3  
A much better production and choice of lead actress, and for the most part, a back to basics plot about survival in a zombie-infested world. Almost too basic, so the writer decided to throw in a few twists... several twists... each making no sense. A married couple barricade themselves in a house and try to survive the horde of zombies while talking to a police dispatcher on the radio. She starts to hallucinate about getting out, and about a normal world where people in white coats are trying to put her away, or are they hallucinations? Minimal gut-munching gore (seems like Clement is moving away from splatter), weak acting, messy writing, but almost entertaining.

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