Daisuke Yamanouchi  

Releases obscure, very extreme Japanese flicks involving splatter, rape, snuff, torture, and other twisted subjects. His more extreme output is content with wallowing in sickness and exploitation instead of wrapping it in an entertaining or interesting bundle. Most of his obscure releases are in the exploitation or pornography genre, with things like like zombie brides, killer schoolgirls with sex and violence. Reviewed until 2016.


Blood Sisters (AKA Senketsu no Kizuna)  
Yamanouchi's extreme answer to I Spit on Your Grave tells the same old tale of rape and revenge but with a twist ending, this time involving four violent and twisted guys and two girls. Revenge is carried out with knives and lots of splattering blood and gore, but most of the movie is simply violent rape scenes, some involving sick little twists.

Dead a Go! Go!  
Silly, black-tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek episodic movie about death. The narrator narrates, interviews dead people who were violently killed, and discusses scientific problems with their technique and how to do it right. Four sleazy episodes show the actual occurrences: a father killed by his slut daughter, a suicide by an abused girl, a pile of guts, and female bullies who rape with a stick of celery. Lots of sleazy sex, relatively tamer gore, silly.

Girl Hell 1999 (AKA Shjo jigoku)  
Horrifying nastiness that is hellish in its brutal nihilism. The camera follows a girl who is having an extremely bad day. Her fat friend is whoring herself, her mother is literally falling apart from severe cuts covering her whole body but is constantly getting raped by some sick bastard, her insane bum friend who feeds a plastic doll with breast milk just got viciously attacked, some rich guy is stalking her for some nasty abuse involving a straw (don't ask), and she encounters two teenagers on a murder and rape rampage. Needless to say, this does not end well. Bootleg title: Injure Rape Murder Film.

Kyko vs. Yuki  
A relatively tamer and sillier release by Yamanouchi exploits a killer school-girl who is trained to kill viciously and sent after a drug dealer. When she finds out a lesbian couple have already stolen the goods, she goes after the sex-hungry sluts for a final bloodbath. Features twisted sex scenes and a touch of gore.

Red Room 1   & 2  
An extreme Japanese 'Reality TV' game puts four people in a red room until they get on each other's nerves. Then they must repeatedly choose a nasty dare or twisted little torture and draw cards to decide who will pick the torture, who will apply it and who will be the victim. It starts off with slight sadism and perversity but rapidly gets out of hand as the torturers lose control, victims suffer from their wounds, and the previous victims look for brutal revenge. The nastiness grows to over-the-top proportions to include forced sex, shoving toothbrushes up people's noses, urine or vomit swallowing, violence, abortion and more until one survivor remains. With less gleeful nastiness this could have been intense instead of exploitation.

Mu Zan E (AKA Cruelty AKA Atrocity Stroke AKA Muzanza)  
A mixture of Guinea Pig and Blair Witch style pseudo documentary about a Japanese reporter in search of snuff film makers. Her investigations take her via a group of pornographers who deal with nasty & rough menstruation sex (don't ask), until she gets too close to the underground snuff gang for a gory finale. Nasty and gritty.

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