Shozin Fukui  

A Japanese, short-lived maker of extreme, industrial-punk movies dealing with people transforming into something else under extreme duress. Has a style very similar to Shinya Tsukamoto's. Followed only by a surprisingly conventional horror movie Den Sen. Reviewed until 2016.

Of Some Interest

Pinocchio 964  
A malfunctioning male sex cyborg is thrown out by its sex-starved rich owner for not maintaining an erection. A homeless, insane criminal, who had her mind swiped clean, adopts it, while the company desperately searches for the cyborg to kill it. People start to act very crazily for no reason, the spastic girl raves in train stations vomiting mountains of porridge, the twitching cyborg starts to fall apart and develop emotions, the girl abuses the cyborg, everything erupts in a manic battle throughout the city while the cyborg mutates into something bizarre. This insane Japanese movie makes a perfect extreme companion to Tetsuo but is in dire need of drastic editing. Scenes go on endlessly and while some are edited into a frantic speed, they turn into drawn out atmosphere setters. Repulsive, bizarre and confusing, but has some potential.

Rubber's Lover  
Mad, sadistic scientists working for a mysterious company are illegally experimenting on humans with Ether and technology to bring out their psychic powers. Problem is, the human guinea pigs explode under the combined stress of Ether (injected with a monster syringe), engineered sounds and a mechanical contraption strapped on their heads. One of the scientists becomes addicted to Ether and in a last ditch attempt, they use him to get results. Everyone breaks down into violent eruptions of brutality and rape, and the tortured scientist develops super-powers that allows to merge and control others. Features endless scenes of people convulsing, shrieking, fluids erupting, freaking out, convulsing, coughing up liquids, screaming, and convulsing. Filmed beautifully in menacing black and white and it delivers a dark cyberpunk madness, but when most of the movie features people freaking out, it gets boring.

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