Hugh Gallagher  

Underground director that released a handful of nasty, gritty shockers then moved on to release other people's sleaze (e.g. Jess Franco). Reviewed until 2016.


Gore Whore  
Yet another low-budget shockorama that is so badly filmed and acted, it's dull. A mad scientist hires a private investigator to follow a whore who bites off penises and throats, then injects herself in interesting places with green goo. Yes, it's a rip-off of Re-Animator with the undead and bloodthirsty naked whores upping the ante to no avail.

Terribly acted movie about an S&M whore who delivers 'the ultimate orgasm' to clients by killing them (for which they have to pay her all their money as they won't be needing it anymore). A cop tracks her down to the point of obsession. Extremely unconvincing.

A fitting accompanying piece for Nekromantik. This low-budget movie tells the tale of a diamond thief and his recently-deceased friend, and their encounter with a girl who has sex with dead bodies, then sells them to her friend-cum-S&M-slave who has AIDS. Violent and shocking but it's surprisingly well made for such a low budget and even has acceptable acting so it's a pity it doesn't have more in it beyond shock value.

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