Frank Henenlotter  

An unusually twisted director of 80s style campy horror that directed a handful of exploitation/horror movies dealing with guys that develop close relationships with nasty monsters or mutations. After this batch of near-cult movies, he quit for two decades to pursue his collection and study of sleaze, b-movie and obscure horror movies, working with Something Weird Video before making his comeback.

Of Some Interest

Bad Biology  
You have to wonder what a comeback movie would look like coming from a man who used to make warped exploitation/horror movies about mutants after a 16 year break collecting and releasing sleazy and obscure b-movies. The delivery is almost unsurprising: This is a movie about a nymphomaniac girl with 7 clits who gives birth to mutant babies two hours after having sex, who meets a man with a monster penis with a mind of its own. These monsters of sexual ecstasy and mutant abilities suffer existential torment, she taking disturbing erotic photographs or having psychotic emotional episodes with sleazy one-nighters, and he, building a room-sized masturbation machine and taking advanced drugs, until they finally meet. This one reminded me of Penetration Angst by way of Pervert! with its wicked over-the-top campy & fun sleaze, but it's all Henenlotter. Welcome back!

Basket Case  
Cult low-budget horror movie about a guy who was born with a partial twin attached to his side. A doctor manages to forcefully separate the two leaving the fleshy head and shoulders of the monstrous twin helpless in a basket. The two wander into a seedy hotel looking for revenge. Creepy and gory but campy. Followed by two inferior, campy and only slightly twisted sequels.

Brain Damage  
Aylmer is a phallic-shaped monster that needs human help to feed him brains, and in return he injects an extremely addictive LSD-like substance directly into their brain to make them see exciting colors. While the singing monster drills into people's craniums or pops out of pant zippers to drastically reduce the grey matter of oral sex devotees, its partner is free to hallucinate wildly. Will Brian manage to take control before something very bad happens to his girlfriend? A twisted horror-comedy with a couple of surprising splatter and hallucination scenes.

Jeffrey is a mad scientist teenager with a penchant for mixing electronics and body parts and drilling holes into his head. When his fiancee gets run over by a lawn-mower, he decides to collect the missing body parts from sexy whores. He entices them with super-crack which makes their bodies explode into pieces. The end result is not what he expected and the pimp isn't too happy either. A low-budget twisted campy horror-comedy flick (with gore that looks more like rubber than flesh), and sometimes reminiscent of Re-animator without the splatter.

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