Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu  

Had a brief stint making some relatively extreme Japanese films involving female exploitation, violence, gore and extreme sleaze, and then disappeared under the radar. He delivers on entertaining sleaze and shock, pleasing fans of the genre.

Of Some Interest

Guts of a Virgin  
Young models, a photographer and crew rest up at a strange deserted location after a shoot. The men seduce and molest the models (one of which is a virgin) with promises of success. But outside in the fog, a demonic like man with a huge penis is stalking them, raping and killing them off one by one. Lots of softcore porn, some splatter in the form of a decapitation, hammer to the head and impalements, and one over-the-top scene where a woman masturbates with a severed hand and is then disemboweled in an unusually nasty way. Pure sleazy and effective gruesome entertainment that D'Amato should learn from.

Life After Dead (Guzoo)  
Half-length gory horror movie from Japan. Four perky girls vacation in a mysterious house with a strangely dangerous swimming pool and a tentacle monster that lives in mirrors. The monster picks them off in gory ways, infesting them with tentacles or decapitating them.


Female Market: Imprisonment  
An extreme Japanese take on the female slave market, its brutality and degradation, and its untouchability. Several women get kidnapped and are treated to degradations and violence until they submit and are sold to foreigners. One stronger woman tries to survive. The endless rape scenes, degradation and sadism fills up most of the movie and sinks this down to extremely sleazy exploitation, but behind this sadistic soft-core porn lies a scary and disturbingly realistic experience.

Guts of a Beauty  
One girl is sold by the Yakuza, her sister is gang-raped and drugged, and the nurse who tries to help her gets involved and gets gang-raped herself. When the super drug they inject her with makes her mutate into a hermaphrodite creature with a monster penis (that can invert itself into a vagina), they finally get their just rewards. This sequel contains much less horror and drama than the first and instead comes off as extreme sleaze with touches of camp.

Rusted Body (AKA Guts of a Virgin 3)  
More like a bizarre sadistic soft-core sex movie than the exploitation that preceded this. A gang of people are trying to track down their stolen money through people that they torture to retrieve information. Torture varies from pulling nails and teeth to dipping naked women in a tub full of eels and tying up a man's penis while having sex with him. Surprisingly, the main torturers here happen to be women.

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