Jason Matherne  

Owner of Terror Optics and producer/director of its movies. His movies are like a more extreme version of Troma: trashy, gory, sleazy, repulsive toilet humor of the worst kind with horrible acting and trashy characters. But he knows his audience. If you thought Troma was too tame but liked everything else, then Terror Optics is for you. Also features energetic punk & metal soundtracks. Reviewed until 2016.

Of Some Interest

Grimewave: Cockface III  
Grimewave is right. This third entry in the trashy series of filth & splatter serial-killer Cockface is non-stop camp, b-movie madness, disgusting sleaze, gore, trash and everything else in between. An Asian gang of ninjas and drug-dealers led by 'Big Wang' team up with biker gang Douche Lords when the Cockface Killer kills some of their henchmen in gory ways while they are having sex. Cyrus C. Litlicker is a loser reporter hell-bent on gaining an interview with Cockface, while Given Goodhead is a trashy rival reporter that teases him at every turn. Add some truly disgusting fat-sex scenes, a cult of perverts that raise a Cockface demon using various body liquids and gases, and a city festival involving pervert competitions and sperm collection, and you have one messed-up ultra-trashy movie. It's filthy, disgusting, idiotic, and kinda fun. The colorful and aggressive metal/punk soundtrack helps a lot.


Attack of the Cockface Killer  
A bizarre killer with a dildo attached to his chin and another in his hand runs around ripping apart the local trash-mongers, punks and incestuous rednecks as soon as they have sex or masturbate. Some of them try to fight back while smoking weed, watching gore films and partying. That's it for the plot. The focus is on non-stop over-the-top sleaze and trash featuring splatter killings, trash-talk, various severed body parts, masturbation to books on animals, carving new orifices into victims, and taking a dump in a cat litter box.

The cockface killer is back and killing all perverts, people who masturbate or have sex. But this time he meets his match in the form of a bearded man-hating violent female with a spiked strap-on who provides a glory hole service using forced male victims (with the help of a corkscrew). The local porn merchants panic, and abused, dead bodies keep popping up, making a seriously perverted and idiotic cop with a thing for Sylvester Stallone think it's a methodical fetish killer (a la se7en) while he methodically gets turned on by every dead victim. This one features scene after scene of every extreme perversion known to man and is non-stop filth, depravity, gory, near-hardcore pornographic, sick, twisted but creative comedy. You can almost admire the out-of-control depraved energy of this one. Almost.

Stabbed in the Face  
I suppose it's some kind of requirement that every horror director make at least one lame slasher. This one seems to purposely celebrate in cliches but doesn't make them funny and is badly lit and very badly edited to boot. A group of very annoying, over-sexed teenagers with exaggerated characters of nerd, slut, jerk, virgin etc. camp at a haunted house and get killed one by one by an obvious killer while talking trash and having sex. The climax features a confusing mess of motives, there is plenty of nudity, and the killings feature over-the-top gore but are very short.

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