Nick Palumbo  

A new underground director that so far only makes gritty, nasty serial killer movies. Reviewed until 2016.

Of Some Interest

Murder Set-Pieces  
With an upgrade in budget also comes better actors, cinematography, skill and gore. The movie basically covers the same ground as Nutbag (serial killer kills sexy prostitutes in Vegas) but this time we get a plot involving his girlfriend who cries over relationship problems while her sister warns her that he is stalking her, and he keeps his monstrous impulses a secret. These impulses grow more and more extreme as he tortures women in his dungeon, beats them up while raping them, slashes little girls, has sex with a decapitated head, eats human flesh, etc. A very nasty, but effective movie about human monsters that feels like a more extreme Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.


Amateurish first attempt at making a raw serial killer movie a la Henry. A psychotic man with a pet spider as a conversation buddy has irresistible impulses to kill whores and beautiful women (who get naked for our viewing pleasure). The movie tries to take us into his mind as he rants, remembers his traumatic past, talks, yells, violently yanks on grass, and freaks out until he kills his next victim. The main actor over-acts however and there is very little gore.

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