Trey Parker/Matt Stone  

The duo that brought us South Park occasionally also produce movies in the same vein and push the pedal to the metal with jaw-dropping offensive content. This team has two sides to it that create a dangerous cocktail: Idiotic, frat-boy, scatological, nothing-is-sacred, offensive humor best demonstrated in the dumb and mild Orgazmo, and scathing satire that, while seemingly taking the easy road of attacking everyone for everything, is also surprisingly level-headed and consistent, eschewing political correctness and a hypocritical world for reasonable-mindedness. When the priority is set on the latter, the result is often brilliantly subversive and actually has something to say.


South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut  
The TV show expanded to movie length with more musical numbers and offensive content. Under attack are the MPAA, censorship, American parenting and schools, the hypocritical American attitude towards sex and violence, Canadians, Bill Gates, Winona Ryder, homosexuals (of course) and a few other targets. After the kids sneak in to see a Canadian piece of cinematic filth, the parents get together to blame and fight Canada, eventually leading to a huge war and Armageddon, as Saddam Hussein and his gay emotional bitch Satan rise from hell to take over. Lots of laughs, many of them guilty ones, too many musical numbers, although even I found some of them amusing, and although I prefer the shorter TV show because that's usually as much toilet humor as I can take, this is still hilarious, subversive stuff.

Of Some Interest

Cannibal! The Musical  
Take the Rocky Horror Picture Show, replace transvestites with cannibals, set it in the old West, make it a musical spoof meets splatter movie, write catchy silly songs like "When I was on top of you" - a love song for a horse, add a few gory scenes, then change... you know what? Forget Rocky Horror Picture Show. It does have a really hilarious parody scene where the bad guy simply refuses to die though.


Team America: World Police  
Badly animated but good-looking puppets prance on the screen serving up the usual South Park content: Gross-out humor, and offensive satire on scores of celebrities and politics. The jingoistic, macho Team America straight of a Michael Bay parody are out to kill terrorists all over the world and destroy city landmarks in the process. They hire an actor who sings about AIDS to fool the terrorists while the Film Actors Guild (FAG) join with evil North Korean Kim Jong Il who is about to destroy the world. A jaw-dropping disgusting sex scene (unrated version), an over-the-top vomit scene and plenty of puppet celebrity gore bring to mind Meet The Feebles, but most of the unfunny humor depends on parodying painful action movie cliches and singing silly songs. The message (delivered slightly more colorfully by the movie) is that terrorists are evil, and American politics are split between equally stupid macho ass-kicking tactics and tree-hugging liberal talkers, but both are needed to balance each other out. Now that I told you this, the only reason you have to watch this movie is if you like frat-boy gross-out humor delivered by amateurish puppets.

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