Marc Rohnstock  

Another German underground splatter director who makes home-made gore & horror movies with old-school over-the-top splatter effects. It's like the zombies: German youngsters work for older German splatter directors, and the contagion compels them to create their own gore movies. Reviewed until 2016.

Of Some Interest

Graveyard of the Living Dead  
Rohnstock tries his hand at a standard zombie movie, probably inspired by Revenge of the Living Dead, with moderately entertaining results. Scientists experiment with the brain of a dead man, accidentally creating a contagious zombie. Some goth-punks encounter the undead scientists in a graveyard, and the gory mayhem brings more zombies up from the graves. While the zombies proliferate and munch on some of the youths, the rest find ways to chop up the zombies with various weapons, and there's some amusement as they look for their car keys inside their dead friend and zombie stomachs, creating more gory mayhem than the undead. But many of the fights seem gratuitous for the sake of gore, especially since the zombies are the slow type. Rohnstock proves once again that it's hard to make a bad zombie movie, but also hard to make a good one. Basic zombie entertainment, with over-the-top splatter.

Necronos: Tower of Doom  
I didn't know they made pure splatter movies over two hours long... Then again, this one has an endless ten minute introduction in the form of a fantasy fable told via title-cards, and ten minutes of credits at the end. There's a wizard raising an army of undead to serve his demon master, a berserker, witches, a virgin sacrifice, the apocalypse, and other various evil minions. But all this is just to justify 100 minutes of gore set-pieces. There's no-one to root for, only a parade of splatter-fodder, there's not much of a plot besides the evil minions working hard on a recipe for the apocalypse (which always involves lots of body parts), the acting is poor, and they speak throughout most of the movie with the annoying and overused vocal-distortion effects. So the movie is pretty bad, but if it's splatter you want, this delivers. Highlights include the table-sized body-part-grinder contraption, hand-to-hand combat with a berserker that likes to use his giant axe to cleave a torso in two, extreme chainsaw dismemberment, and lots more.


Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein, The  
This may or may not have been inspired by the Castle Wolfenstein games, but that would be the only inspiration this movie had. It's a tiresome 2-hour German splatter movie that is as pedestrian as a weekend porn movie. Some youths going to a rave party encounter an undead mad genius doctor who has made himself immortal except with a nasty side-effect of necrosis. He once was buried alive by angry villagers and now he's back, killing villagers and party-goers by the dozen for his many gruesome experiments. Basically, it's a bunch of scenes with the usual horny youngsters on the way to a party, intermixed with one splatter scene after another where the doctor performs completely random nasty actions on his many victims and kills them in gratuitously gruesome ways. The many victims almost never even consider fighting back since they are only fodder for the gore. There are more blood-geyser machetes to the head in this movie than anyone can possibly count, as well as x-rated nudity. So, basically, it's a stodgy porno for gorehounds.

Dungeon of Evil  
In a derelict house in the forest lives an evil dweller who performs nasty sacrificial and dismemberment rituals in his labyrinthine dungeon on all passers-by. When some young men run out of gas on a forest road, they discover the ultimate evil. Will they survive? Translation: Some German dudes in love with splatter films picked a basement to film one home-made gory set-piece after another. There is no real movie, as one by one, the bad actors go down the stairs to be sliced apart, disemboweled, decapitated, smashed and then fed piece by piece to a zombified human. This is the kind of movie where the villain first smashes a head to a pulp with a hammer, and then cuts it up over and over with a chainsaw. Why? Because it makes the gore last longer.

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