Andreas Schnaas  

A German director of low-budget splatter films that offer extreme nasty gore and not much else. Started the modern wave of German underground splatter in 1989 with Violent Shit. Reviewed until 2016.

Of Some Interest

Don't Wake the Dead  
Schnaas seems to understand his audience now with this release, simply adding lots of silly and campy horror, gore, and liberal doses of nudity with a more-is-more approach. This one features an old castle, a large group of girls and rock stars that are setting up a heavy metal concert, a weird old man, a warrior with various weapons from the East, a seance anniversary, and a bunch of zombie Nazis and undead Templars from the Blind Dead series. There's the expected running, slashing, blood sprays, decapitation, slicing bodies in half, lots of gore (but not much in the way of creative splatstick), ample nudity and sword battles as well as the decapitation of zombies with a flying guillotine. It's so silly, it even features (too much) spliced footage of a rock concert with singing and dancing by zombies.

Nikos the Impaler  
An ancient Romanian barbarian with a few wizard tricks up his chain-mail sleeve is brought back to life in modern New York who then proceeds to chop up everyone in sight with his broadsword. The gore comes in buckets and the campy fun is up by several notches, the highlights being Lloyd Kaufman's cameo, and a slaughter in a lesbian bar. However, the characters are extremely dumb and therefore boring, and the deaths do get repetitive. Bottom line: popcorn gore movie for drinking buddies who enjoy movies like Demons. The special effects are by Marcus Koch.

Zombie '90: Extreme Pestilence  
Early extreme splatter movie by Schnaas has no plot to speak of besides zombies breaking out due to a toxic plane crash and killing everything in sight, battled only by a doctor. The budget is pocket change, the acting is non-existent, and even the gore, which is non-stop and extremely nasty is usually fake looking. Gory highlights include every dismemberment act known to man, the ripping apart of a baby (after decapitating its wheelchair-bound mother), gut-pulling, head slicing, genital-ripping, eye-gouging, etc etc. But besides the wild splatter, the most important reason this movie is worth watching is because of the hilariously bad English dubbing job that sounds like it was made by 3 drunk bums who decided the movie is so bad, they may as well MST3K it by making it up as they go along and improvising dumb one-liners.

Violent Shit 3: Infantry of Doom  
The butcher is back and this time he has an army of sadistic killers as well as a Nazi doctor who likes to take bodies apart. Anyone crossing their path is slaughtered, their limbs, genitals and flesh ripped off by hooks, blown away, or hacked to pieces. One unfortunate guy gets a hook up his backside and his spine ripped out. But when a group of people are let go in order to be hunted down, they opt to stick around and fight back. Even more gore ensues as the army of butchers, kung fu fighters and very slow ninjas (say what?) battle it out. Limbs are yanked off, eyes gouged, legs chopped off, heads pulled off, etc. The sound is horrible, the acting and dialog very lame, the plot non-existent, and the gore effects vary, but if you're a gorehound looking for non-stop nasty stuff and like movies that are so bad they're entertaining, this delivers.


Anthropophagous 2000  
Plodding remake of D'Amato's flick upgrades the splatter by several buckets but keeps the ultimate boredom. A man-eater mutant is killing and eating everyone on an island in brutal ways and some visitors suddenly find themselves ripped apart, impaled, bashed, decapitated, disemboweled (etc etc) while fighting for their lives. Updates the 'fetus ripping & eating' scene from the original with increased gruesomeness.

A first stab at a real horror movie and unfortunately, Schnaas lack of directing skills only stands out. A wealthy man is killed, leaving a castle and some kind of family chemical secret that is somehow supposed to make people rich, and the heirs all flock to the castle to have the will read to them. One by one they are killed by the local family members who want it all to themselves. Schnaas goes less over-the-top with the gore but the killers sadistically melt bodies and brains, break off limbs which they use as weapons, and use a pitchfork, knives, chainsaw, hook and nails to take apart their guests. All in all, a dumb plot, horrible acting, and sloppy direction. At least his previous splatter movies had their own niche.

Goblet of Gore  
A goblet used for ancient barbaric rituals and bloody sacrifices is cursed by a witch. When it reappears in modern times, whoever comes across it is forced to drink from it, gets an uncontrollable lust for sex, and then a lust for gore. Feature fake-looking special effects, cheesy acting and costumes, and extremely nasty porn-gore with penis prosthetics causing much of the splatter damage. Bad.

Karl the Butcher vs Axe  
Also known as Violent Shit 4. Karl the Butcher is back, and this time it's post-apocalyptic. This is another collaboration between Schnaas and Timo Rose, Timo acting as a rival butcher called Axe, and Karl rises from hell to challenge him. Except this post-apocalyptic world is run by several insane gangs who are usually at war with each other. This includes an Amazonian group of women led by Eileen Daly who kidnaps men and eats their sperm via a 'sperm separator' machine. Alliances are formed to fight the two butchers in this computer game movie. Unfortunately, this is witless, and not even fun in a silly way, just dumb. The movie is all about fight scenes and splatter, and the fight scenes are really inept. The splatter fares better, especially in the climactic battle scene, with humans serving as meat bags for the savagery of full body chopping, slicing, smashing and dismembering.

Unrated: The Movie
See Timo Rose.

Violent Shit  
A killer whose body is falling apart escapes a mental institution and runs around chopping people up with a meat cleaver. Various body parts are sliced and buckets of blood are used, genitals are cut apart slowly and explicitly, disembowelments are zoomed into, and Jesus is torn apart and climbed into. In between the splatter, this extremely low-budget, grainy and loud film is padded with scenes of people walking and driving. I won't even get started on the camera work and editing. As a gore film, the effects are adequate but too over-the-top to be nasty, therefore without humor it's just boring.

Violent Shit 2: Mother Hold my Hand  
The butcher's retarded son from the first outing is now grown up and raised by his insane and perverse mother who trained him to take brutal revenge on everyone he sees. So he goes on a rampage, slicing, chopping, sawing, ripping, disemboweling, hooking, decapitating and shooting every person and body part he sees including nasty scenes of hooks in genitals, and decapitated heads (which he attempts to have sex with). Since this one is aimed at a special kind of crowd, gratuitous nudity is thrown in. This time at least there's humor, but it's lame.

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