Naoyuki Tomomatsu  

Japanese fan of George Romero, Peter Jackson, gore and splatstick who makes low-budget splatter movies, usually involving Japanese schoolgirls. In between these splatter stints, he also makes adult and sexploitation movies, some of them silly, juvenile fanboy affairs with things like robot girls.

Of Some Interest

Love Zombie: Romance of the Dead  
An oddly charming counterpoint to the Rape Zombie series. This one somehow combines zombie satire, some gore, an innocent teenage love romance, exploitation erotica and sexual abuse, and a little meta-reality-bending twist. A sweet love develops between a popular girl and a virginal young man, except she isn't what she seems. His love for her is strong however, regardless of the many nasty surprises involving incest and a possible developing zombie disease. In parallel, this romance is written and filmed by a director with a troubled relationship with a woman, and themes are explored of innocence versus diseased behaviour, and a desire for sweetness versus destructive gory mayhem. And there you have it: Sex, a bit of gore, and lots of love.

Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead  
I suppose it was inevitable that this zombie variation will come out of Japan eventually, but somehow nobody thought about it until now. Yes, it's another zombie outbreak, except that, in this case, the infected men become sex-crazed rapists running around with their pants down, and ejaculation spreads the infection. To stop them you have to...well let's just say that the brain is not their weak point. Of course, a group of girls in mini-skirts with weapon-training gather together to fight the outbreak, and you can imagine the rest. Add to the mix a couple of self-hating female victims that cut themselves, a man on television that argues logically in support of rape as a better society, angry feminists, random light splatter, women in uniform using penises as target practice, Korea blaming Japan for the outbreak of filth, a surprise supernatural-mystical ending, and some lesbianism, and you have pure exploitation-satire gold.

Rape Zombie: Lust of the Dead 2 & 3    
So what do you do with a moderately successful exploitation movie? Exploit it with many sequels, of course. Parts 2 and 3 are basically one movie and continue where the first left off. It's post-apocalyptic time. Almost all men have turned into zombie rapists and the surviving women have taken over the government and military. That is, except for some 'Otaku': Obsessive virgin geeks that have reached some kind of Zen enlightenment with their little perverse obsessions and are therefore immune. Except they have joined forces with the zombies to have their revenge on the '3D women' that scorned them. The women research into male behaviour, and their findings come straight from am obnoxious radical-feminist textbook about men being born rapists barely held back by society, which is somehow both amusing and insultingly misandrist. There's an American female cyborg on a secret mission, a nonsensical mythical baby plot, a couple of over-the-top splatter scenes, a zombie tries to explain male behaviour to the clueless women in charge, there are super-zombies with mutated huge phalluses, a decapitated zombie-head somehow finds a way to rape as well, and the climax is nihilistic rape-zombie chaos. Unfortunately the computer effects are painfully cheap, the movie looks and feels home-made, there is endless gratuitous lesbian exploitation scenes, and the extreme camera shaking makes it a pain to watch. Followed by two more sequels in 2014 that dropped almost all the gore and shifted to a silly sci-fi time-travel and cyborg plot with lots of sexploitation, gender-benders, dildo-time-machines and rape, where they try to find the origin of the virus, and the events in the previous movies get revisited 'Back to the Future' style.

Entertaining Japanese zombie movie where a plague makes all girls between ages 15 to 17 break out with extreme happiness (Near Death Syndrome) then die and come back as zombies. Society tries to adjust by creating 'Romero Repeat Kill' squads that chop up the girls and send instruction booklets to families and boyfriends on how to chop up their loved ones. The gore is over-the-top and the comedy is at times very funny or silly (chainsaws sold as 'Bruce Campbell's second arm'). But mixed within this campy splatter movie are love stories and special scenes where girls happily ask people to kill them, and the movie seems to be saying something about Japanese society's fascination for giggling Japanese schoolgirls that lose their charm after they mature and become real people (zombies?).

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl
See Yoshihiro Nishimura.

Zombie Self-Defense Force  
Genre-blender of gangster, splatter, zombie, and cyborg action. Some gangsters, soldiers, Japanese girls, a pop-star model and her slave crew all find themselves in zombie trouble when a UFO crashes in the forest and emits green rays. They soon find themselves trapped in a house where the spreading zombies cause more gory deaths while the pop-star whines and causes boy-trouble, and a deadly army chick starts remembering a mysterious surgery room. Features gory homages to Romero and Jackson, complete with a manic, bloodthirsty zombie fetus, and silly over-the-top action entertainment.


Eat the Schoolgirl  
Extreme Japanese soft-porn with surprisingly hardcore depravity and violence. Two youngsters work for the Yakuza, one is a sex-maniac, the other a psychotic killer who dresses up like a schoolgirl and slashes people while getting very sexually aroused. The killer has a traumatic past and a fantasy guardian angel in the form of a naked girl who gives herself to him promising him redemption. The movie is just one depraved sex scene after another however, featuring violence, rape, vomit, very bloody slashings, disemboweling, forced enemas, snuff and other niceties. A pointless trip into extreme perversion with a slight touch of the typical Japanese Pinku meditations.

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