John Waters  

The king of trash cinema before he turned mainstream in the 80s. Then he made some mainstream trash. His 70s output however consists of nothing but exercises in extreme bad taste with horrible, ugly actors deliberately (I hope) 'acting' in the most annoying way, doing things white trash people would shy away from. Shock, gore, sex, ugliness, filth and every repulsive deed you can't imagine are all staples of his early movies. His followers are many and they call him visionary and satirical but he is proud of his lack of any socially redeeming values. Reviewed until 2016.

Of Some Interest

Dirty Shame, A  
Somewhat of a comeback for Waters after two decades of going mainstream, moderate and cinematically lazy. An outrageous trash comedy about sex addicts and perverts who become sex maniacs after getting hit on the head, and their neighbourhood war on the Neuters (the local prudes). The star is a housewife (and her extremely-well-endowed daughter), who would rather wash dishes than have sex with her husband, who then becomes a cunnilingus freak, guided by pervert-saint Ray and his team of fetishists who among other things, lick dirt, dress up as babies, pour food down their clothes, and defecate in public places. Features perversions galore, toilet humor, immature dialogue, and outrageously sleazy scenes, so despite the lack of Waters' raw nasty 70s feel, it's safe to say the king of bad taste is back.


Desperate Living  
Trash 'fantasy' where two murderous women seek sanctuary in Mortville, a town built from garbage for trashy misfits and ruled by a fascist Queen. This is a typical, somewhat imaginative Waters trash-fest with plenty of shocks including lesbian sex with a 500 pound woman, eye-gouging, sex-change and castration with scissors, cannibalism, and the usual nudism, vomit, repulsiveness, and bad acting.

Female Trouble  
More trash, this time following the trials and tribulations of a fat and ugly woman (the transvestite Divine) through school, rape, bad jobs, marriage, crime, murder and insanity. This soap 'epic' explores staples of family values like rape, incest, masturbation with pliers, dismemberment, acid in the face, whining brats, and ugly ranting trash.

Mondo Trasho  
Waters's first feature-length film is a silent black & white with an annoying soundtrack consisting of random loud tunes and ridiculous sounds. Woman goes to park. Woman gets licked by foot fetishist. Woman gets run over by transvestite. Transvestite takes corpse around town, then to an insane asylum with strippers. The Virgin Mary materializes once in a while. Transvestite takes corpse to insane doctor who performs gory operations and vomits on patients. Some random foot fantasies. End of boring mess.

Multiple Maniacs  
A black and white atrocity about a group of people that put on perversion shows in order to rob and terrorize people. This quickly changes to a trash soap opera about the owner of the gang (a fat cross dresser), her lesbian lover whom she meets and has sex with in a church while dreaming of the crucifixion, her cowardly husband and his slut lover. The incredibly trashy and annoying dialog goes on and on and on until it all ends with everyone killing each other, the transvestite gets raped by a huge lobster (don't ask) and then goes on a rampage frothing at the mouth.

Pink Flamingos  
The infamous experiment into bad taste by John Waters features some of the most horrible acting by some of the most horrible people trying to outdo each other doing horrible things. Pure filth including cannibalism, gore, feces, transsexual flashing, rape, selling babies, chicken sex, a dancing anus, etc.

Waters first entrance into the mainstream is at first sight, a very watered down Waters script and collection of characters without the shock value. The trashy repulsive feel is still there though, deliberately horribly acted as usual, and in the end, Waters characters doing normal family oriented things is in a way more disturbing than watching them do shocking things. The plot is about a suburban housewife, her pornographer husband, slut daughter and foot-fetish psychotic son all deteriorating and doing immature things to each other until it ends with the usual double-crossings and deaths.

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